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Dearest Lou and Donna,

Thank you so much for the lovely picture of Ziggy. What an absolutely perfect gift! We will treasure it always. We truly did not have such a great shot of him - very, very special.

You guys were so wonderful with him. We never worried for one minute when you took care of him. We were very grateful for the loving care you gave our little guy. He was our "baby" for almost 21 years and, even though we had 2 other wonderful cats and one dog, Ziggy was the most special, I think because he really was like a baby. We miss him very much, but also feel extremely blessed that we had him for so long.

I hope your little one can get some help with his legs.

With deep gratitude for all you did for Ziggy and the beautiful gift,

Bob and Barbara
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Dear Lou and Donna,

It is with both a heavy heart and deep gratitude for the love Ziggy gave us, that I write to say that we had to let him go today. Ziggy would have been 21 in November. Veterinarians have been telling us for years that Ziggy didn't have long to live, He had a stroke several years ago from which no one thought he would recover and has had kidney disease for many, many years as well. But little Ziggy was a fighter and he just kept on going. But it was clear to us over the last few weeks that there just wasn't any more that he could fight with and that, as his parents, we had to let him go.

Of all our pets, Ziggy was, I think, the most loving. He was always there to be on your lap and let you pet him. There is a great gift in allowing love as well as giving it - Ziggy gave us both and will forever be in our hearts.

Bob and I thank you for the love and care you gave to Ziggy each time you sat for him. Knowing you were with him when we were gone, meant all the difference in the world to us. Any four legged friend that gets you for their "babysitter" is very lucky.

Best to you both,

Bob and Barbara
Hi Donna,

Thanks so much for your wonderful note! So great to hear that Buster is making good strides. Haha your stories about him are just classic Buster (sitting up very straight on the bed early in the morning to try to get you up). This is great insight for us too we were hoping to give him more freedom at night soon. We love the pictures—the four dogs are just adorable and it’s funny how quickly they learn about how where they will eat. We are so pleased to hear about them and take great comfort knowing they are so well cared for.

All the best,

Adriana and Nathan
Rhonda -

I don't think I am going to make it. I started crying when I typed this out. Donna knows, she text me today to see how I am doing.

Okay here goes - I hope you don't mind reading this:

A big thank you to Donna and Louie - especially Louie for watching our dog, Kane and cat, Abby, while we were on vacation. We got daily updates and pictures from them and it's good to know that they love my pets as their own. I highly recommend their services and say thank you so much for everything. As some of you know, we had to make the difficult decision to put Kane to sleep on Friday. He sprained his back and got worse. However, I am grateful for Louie for taking care of Kane. I can't be here because I know I would have cried saying this thank you to Donna.

Thanks, Rhonda - Jamie